Deck 52
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About Us

This is who we are (or at least who we think we are)

We have all enjoyed growing up in Miami and playing in various bands throughout the years. Here's a bit more

Tony Sinatra: Remember The Sands Of Time? Or how about Been There, Done That? Maybe that's where you've seen him before, beating those drums and keeping the music groovin. Or maybe it was at his music studio where he continues to produce music in a time when the industry is shrinking by the day. Thank God for live music!

Tom Briggle: As a founding member of The Milk Truck, Jack and the Off Beats, Blind Willie and Geezer, one Doc in the band is more than enough!. While you never know when you are going to need his professional opinion,  he usually let's us know his unprofessional opinion as well. His prescription is to only play one note at a time on his bass. 

Noel Cleland: Throughout the years music has remained a past-time from The Milk Truck to Kickin to The Heroes to Geezer, Noel has figured out how to play both the black keys and the white keys!.

Billy Whitman: If its got strings he plays it! Billy shows us how to learn from a teacher and has been part of the music scene in Miami since we have had a music scene in Miami!

jwz: the mystery begins with his lower-case name, but doesn't end there. where did the name come from? is this a txt msg? has anyone tried spell checker? as a member of napolean, mustang sally, flying five, out of focus, bamboozle, and mr. nice guy, jwz can play anything, anytime, anywhere. so look out, you never know where he will pop up... 

Deck 52 In Action: